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The Planets Song

Well there is Mercury and Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter and Saturn - those are the big ones
Uranus and Neptune, but not Pluto
Those are the planets
Mercury is the little planet that's closest to the sun
It only takes 88 days for Mercury to orbit the sun
Now Venus is a beautiful planet but it's too hot to live there
You could cook an egg right on the ground on Venus
The Earth is a very important planet.  It's where you live
Mars.  Well, there's not a lot to do on Mars.  It's kind of boring there
Now Jupiter...that planet is huge!
And Saturn.  Saturn's got all the pretty rings
Uranus is a pretty blue planet that spins funny
Neptune is now the last planet

Neptune is the last planet
Neptune is the last planet
Pluto used to be last, but it's been de-listed

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