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How to Mail a Letter

This is how to mail a letter

Well this side is the top, and this side is the front

You ask your mom for a stamp and put it in the top right,

put it in the top right, put it in the top right, right side up!


And now let's do the address

You put it right in the

You could do it big or small, but medium size is better, 

medium is better, don't get crazy.  Trust me.


Their name goes at the top

The street number and name below that, and the city and state below that

Just don't forget the zip code, the crazy, crazy zip code,

don't forget the zip code.  Very important!


Sometimes you have to put the country, too

This is only when the letter is going out of the country, which is more expensive.


Last but not least is the return address

This is like the other address, but it's yours.

It goes right here.  You should write this one small.  Don't forget the zip code.


Now throw it in a mail box.  See Ya!

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